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    Aral Sea Before and After 2010

    English Level: Intermediate Listening – Aral Sea Before and After 2010 Click here for the listening quiz In this listening: Simon Reeve’s film about the Aral Sea reminds us about the impact that human activity can have on the environment.

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  • English listening: Our Life-giving Sun
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    Our Life-giving Sun

    English Level: Intermediate Listening – Our life-giving Sun Click here for the listening quiz In this listening: Stephen’s short film about the Sun highlights its importance for life on Earth and reminds us that nothing is permanent. Even the Earth and the Sun will one day cease to be.   Featured image by: Surge1223 Transcript The Sun is the star at the centre of the Solar System. It has a diameter of about 1,392,000 km, over 100 times bigger than the Earth. Although the colour of the Sun is white, it often looks yellow because of the scattering of blue light from the Earth’s atmosphere. The Sun used to be regarded by…

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  • English listening: redback spider
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    Redback Spiders in Australia

    Level: Intermediate Listening – Redback Spiders in Australia Click here for the listening quiz In this listening; Cerri tells us all about Redback spiders. Redback spiders are found throughout Australia in the bush and built-up areas.   Transcript On Wednesday, 11 July, 2001, The Brisbane Courier Mail reported news of a man in Alice Springs who was bitten on the bottom more than 20 times by a Redback spider and needed 16 doses of anti-venom to survive. Anti-venom is a drug to treat a poisonous bite. A different anti-venom must be developed for each poison. Darren Meehan, 25yrs, was attacked by the Redback spider while sleeping in his bed in Alice…

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