Music and Musicians

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    Listening: Wild Flowers

    English Level: Intermediate Listening – Wild Flowers Click here for the listening quiz In this listening: English language learners present music from their home countries. Stella introduces a song called ‘Wild Flowers’ by Liu Li Jun from China and William introduces ‘Telefaonina Gasikara’ by Tiana from Madagascar. Learning Ideas from ESL Radio and TV Use the Internet to communicate with people Not long ago English learners could only use the Internet to communicate by typing emails or in a chat room. Now it is easy for most learners to use Skype or other VOIP to actually talk to other learners to improve their English. Graded readers An excellent way to learn English!…

  • English listening: Taiwan singer A-Mei
    * Radio (audio),  Music and Musicians

    Listening: Candlelight Blues

    English Level: Intermediate Listening – Candlelight Blues Click here for the listening quiz In this listening: Ning introduces a song called ‘Candlelight Blues’ by His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand; John introduces ‘Sister’ by A-Mei from Taiwan (pictured left); Roxanne introduces ‘In a Dilemma’ by Ronald.   Learning Ideas from ESL Radio and TV Pronunciation Pronunciation means the way we say the words. There is no one correct way of saying English words as the pronunciation of English varies from country to country and even from city to city within a country. But you can still improve your pronunciation by listening to native speakers and copying the way they say words.…