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    Listening: Dr. Martin Davies

    English Level: Intermediate Listening – Dr. Martin Davies Click here for the listening quiz In this listening: Martin talks to Stephen about his interest in the guitar. He plays two short pieces, the first is titled ‘Menuett’ by Robert de Visee, the second is titled ‘Lagrima’ by Francisco Tarrega.   Learning Ideas from ESL Radio and TV Graded readers An excellent way to learn English! Graded readers are books that have been written or stories that have been rewritten at an easier level of English. You can get them in different levels. For example, Level 1 in a series might be restricted to 500 headwords, Level 2 to 600 headwords, and Level…

  • model_trains English Listening
    * Radio (audio),  Face2Face Interviews

    Listening: Michael Clutterbuck and Model Trains

    English Level: Intermediate Listening – Model Trains Click here for the listening quiz In this listening: English teacher, Michael Clutterbuck, is interviewed by students, Binky, Minh Hung and Masa, about his hobby, model trains.   Learning Ideas from ESL Radio and TV Listening for gist “Listening for gist” means listening for general understanding and is the opposite of listening for detail. Often when second language learners listen to an English text they try to understand every word and then they find that they don’t really know what the listening is about. Before you begin to study a listening text it is important to understand the general meaning. Before you begin to answer…